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Log Home Frequently Asked Questions

What types of logs do you use and where do you get them?

We use beetle-killed, dead standing dry (12% moisture) lodgepole pine from the Pacific Northwest.

What size of logs do you use?

Logs can be provided in sizes of your choice ranging from 10 inch diameter midspan up to 16 inch diameter midspan.

How are the logs treated for water and insect protection?

Logs are treated with two coats of log sealer "Weatherall - UV Guard" which we have found to be the most durable without changing the asthetic quality of the logs. This treatment is applied during the on-site finishing phase of construction and applied by the general contractor. Generally there is no treatment used for insect protection as that has not been a problem in our region of the country. There is an insecticide available which can be mixed in and applied with the sealer.


Describe the insulation system between the logs and total "R" rating.

We use chink style log construction. A polyethylene triangular-shaped rod is tucked between the logs from both sides and then sealed with Weatherall Chinking ( www.weatherall.com ) which can be applied in many different colors including custom colors. This area represents approximately 6-8% of the total wall area and has an "R-8" insulation rating. The log portion of the wall area carries an "R" rating of 1.5 per inch of log. However, the greatest thermal value of a log is found in the thermal mass and not the "R" factor. Thermal mass translates into the capacity of the log to store heat and radiate it back into the room. The complete sealing of the logs and log joinery to prevent air infiltration is also crucial to the thermal performance of the home.

What about energy efficiencey and fire safety?

Log homes out perform standard stick built homes in energy efficiency up to more than 15 percent. When it comes to fire safety, standard sticks built houses are in greater danger of burning down than log homes. When one has a log built home, the logs have a natural resistance and insulation when it comes to the rate at which flames can burn through the home. Log homes are the number one choice for fire safety according to the LHC.

What is included with your log kit packages?

Generally our kits are quoted to you with all log components included, such as wall logs, beams, 2nd level log floor joists, trusses and purlins. We will also quote the cost of log bucks to frame all window and door openings. The average basic cost for log kit packages is $40/per square foot. Your chosen General Contractor will then take over the actual building of the log kit package at your building site.

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Who do I hire to manage and complete my log kit project?

Frontier Log Homes can be hired for General Contracting services limited to the western slope of Colorado. We can also help you select your own GC from a list of qualified Colorado GC's whom we have worked with in the past.

Outside of Colorado, we recommend that your chosen GC visit our location and meet with our staff so we can give instruction on procedure and proper log building technique. We strongly recommend that your GC consult with us on proper methods to ensure the best completion of your log kit project.

Peace of Mind:
Nationwide we offer consultation throughout your entire project to assure that your GC fully understands proper log kit completion technique and procedure.


Is shipping included?

The cost for shipping to your site will be quoted separately upon determining how many semi-trailer loads will be required for shipping your log package, as well as the travel miles from our location to your building site. Frontier Log Homes can also erect all logs on your building site -providing fasteners, crane and labor for a separately quoted itemized cost. Please contact us if you have questions about delivery and log kit erection charges.

Are all the window and door openings pre-cut?

Window and door openings are not pre-cut. You get a much better product when this procedure is completed at the building site. Our reason - when erecting logs at the site, the process of spiking the logs together tightens the notches and the sill and header log elevations change. Therefore we hold this work until the logs are erected on site and the floors and roof are installed up through the rafters being put on the roof.

What are the tolerances between logs?

Using the chink style log system our gap between logs ranges from touching to 1 1/2 inches with an average of about 3/4 inch.

Are receptacle, heating and wiring openings pre-drilled?

With our style of building, pre-drilling for these items is not required, can easily be accomplished on site and is preferable.

How are the logs stripped/peeled?

Logs are hand peeled using draw-knives and can be peeled to any extent. We do basically two different styles: Clean peeled - where all the bark and cadmium layer is removed. Skip peeled - where portions of the cadmium layer are left on giving the log some "character".

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