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Whether you’re updating or starting new with your log cabin bathroom, it’s important to think about the details. What fixtures will you use? How much space do you have? What design will be the most efficient for your lifestyle? These are all important questions to consider when designing your log cabin.

What fixtures are best for your style?

From faucets and vanities to the bathtub, there are plenty of different fixtures to choose from.

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The Sink and Vanity

  • Vessel sink: Vessels are fixtures that sit on top of a counter or vanity so the entire bowl is visible. Installing a vessel sink on top of a slab of natural, uniquely shaped wood can add a whole new dimension to your bathroom wall.
  • Pedestal or console sinks: Pedestal sinks are freestanding sinks, where as consoles stand on 2 to 4 legs. Neither involve a vanity, but the visible pipes (when matched with the rest of your room for consistency) can add further the rustic look you may be going for.
  • Using different materials: Experiment with glass, metal, or other vanity and sink materials to add a unique twist to your bathroom. Maybe consider making the sink bowl itself out of wood or stone.
  • Double it: If you’re working with a master bathroom, double sinks are always an option for efficient mornings.

The Bathtub and Shower

  • Unique materials: Rather than the typical porcelain tub, try something using stone or wood to add a more natural feel to your room.
  • Free-standing tubs: Bathtubs like these can boost any vintage bathroom design. Free-standing tubs are also often cheaper than other tub and shower options.
  • Corner and alcove tubs: Each of these are pushed up directly against the wall and are often lines with tile on the outside, but there’s always the option to play with materials!

2 – Consider the space you have.

Ask yourself if both a bathtub and a shower is necessary. Is there any way you can combine the two? Regarding other elements, you may love the idea of a pedestal sink plus a free-standing vanity nearby, but ask yourself if there’s enough room for another addition to the room.

3 – Are you able to do any part of the project yourself?

A lot of money can be saved by going the DIY route. If there is any flooring, fixtures, or design elements you can install yourself, you could save quite a bit of money. However, don’t stretch your skills further than you are comfortable. It’s always best to have an experienced professional hook up thinks like electrical and plumbing.

No matter your vision, Frontier Log Homes can help the process get started with one of our log cabin kits. Contact us at 970-289-9765.

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