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Discover The Log Cabin Lifestyle

We are passionate about building log cabins that bring nostalgia and coziness of a simpler lifestyle to your home.

Log Cabin Kits

We are passionate about building log cabins that identify with the fundamental human desire to connect with nature on a basic level, bringing you back to a simpler lifestyle.

We do this with our commitment to using full round logs in all of our kits. These logs are hand peeled using drawknives, then round notches are scribed and cut by hand using a hammer, chisel and chainsaw, adding a rich texture to your logs. This process adds a unique characteristic to your home because it is fully hand crafted and cannot be reproduced.

Small Cabin Kits & Hunting Cabins

Explore the versatility of our log cabin kits and create a small cabin for your weekend escape from the city, a rustic hunting lodge, a multi-use tiny home, or an affordable second home.  We do all sizes of pre-planned kits from 700 square feet up to 3,500 square feet, so the possibilities are endless for your high quality log home.

Log Home Building Services

You will find all the craftsmen, designers, and carpenters you need for your job at Frontier Log Homes. Our people have decades of experience and will come up with novel ideas to make your one-of-a-kind dream home a reality.

To better understand what we’re capable of building, take a look at our various building services or contact us to speak with a log home building specialist today.

Looking for a General Contractor or already have one?

Who do I hire to manage and complete my project?
Frontier Log Homes offers General Contracting services limited to the western slope of Colorado. We can also help you select your general contractor from a list of qualified Colorado contractors whom we have worked with in the past.

Outside of Colorado, we recommend that your chosen general contractor visit our location and meet with our staff so we can give instruction on procedure and proper log building technique. We strongly recommend that your general contractor consult with us on proper methods to ensure the best completion of your project.

Peace of Mind
Nationwide we offer consultation throughout your entire project to assure that your contractor fully understands proper completion technique and procedure.

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