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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of logs do you use?
We use beetle-killed, dead standing dry (12% moisture or less) western wood species.
How is the bark removed from the logs?
Logs are peeled by hand using a draw-knife.
What about energy efficiency and fire safety?
Log homes outperform standard frame built homes in energy efficiency up to more than 15 percent when properly chinked and sealed. Log homes are generally much safer in regards to fire than framed houses and are the number one choice for fire safety according to the Log Home Council.
What about the insulation system between the logs and the total R-value?
We use chink style log construction. A polyethylene triangular-shaped rod is tucked between the logs from both sides and then sealed with Weatherall Chinking (www.weatherall.com) which can be applied in many different colors including custom colors. This area represents approximately 6-8% of the total wall area and has an “R-8” insulation rating. The log portion of the wall area carries an “R” rating of 1.5 per inch of the log. However, the greatest thermal value of a log is found in the thermal mass and not the “R” factor. Thermal mass translates into the capacity of the log to store heat and radiate it back into the room. The complete sealing of the logs and log joinery to prevent air infiltration is also crucial to the thermal performance of the home.
Who do I hire to manage and complete my log kit project?
Frontier Log Homes can be hired for general contracting services. We can also help you select your own local general contractor. We also offer a consultation service for the homeowner and the contractor to insure your log home is completed correctly.
Is shipping included?
The cost for shipping to your site will be quoted separately upon determining how many semi-trailer loads will be required for shipping your log package, as well as the mileage from our location to your location. Frontier Log Homes can also erect all logs on your building site, providing fasteners, crane, and labor for a separately quoted itemized cost. Please contact us if you have questions about delivery and log kit erection charges.
Are receptacle, heating and wiring openings pre-drilled?
With our style of building, pre-drilling for these items is not required. This can easily be accomplished on site and is preferable.
Are all the window and door openings pre-cut?

Window and door openings are not pre-cut; a much better product is obtained when this procedure is completed at the building site. The reason is that when erecting logs at the site, the process of spiking the logs together tightens the notches and the sill and header log elevations change. Therefore we hold this work until the logs are assembled on the site.

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