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A log cabin kit is a great way to get started on the construction of your new home! Before log fabrication, delivery, and assembly, the first step is drafting your perfect home. How do you know what kind of log home kit is best for you?

1 – Think about size

Do you have a lot of family that lives with you or visits often? If so, it would be smart to look at larger floor plans. If it’s only you, a spouse, and/or a pet, you could opt for a smaller and therefore less expensive kit option.

2 – Consider your basic needs and lifestyle

Everybody has their own specific lifestyles. When considering a kit for your new home, ask yourself what things you can’t live without.

  • Where in the house do you spend the majority of your time? By asking this, you can determine room size as well as what kinds of elements you want included.
  • Do you need a mudroom? Some people need a mudroom because they spend a lot of time working outdoors and end up getting pretty dirty. Others like to use this space for laundry. Is a mudroom necessary for your lifestyle?
  • Do you like to spend a lot of time relaxing or entertaining outside? Maybe you should choose a kit with a floor plan that includes a deck or porch.
  • Do you usually watch a lot of TV? If the answer is yes, building your cabin with an open floor plan and a lot of space can help you see your favorite movies from many places in the house.
  • What about closets? Do you need a single big one or a few different closets?

3 – What is the purpose of the cabin?

Some people will build a log cabin as their primary home or secondary home. Others are known to build one or more cabins for hunting or vacation purposes. Think about what purpose your home will serve before choosing a log home kit.

For example, many hunting cabins only serve as a place to sleep and cook. In this case, you may only need a small floor plan under 1500 square feet, or between 1500 and 2500 square feet.

Regardless of which kit you choose, Frontier Log Homes will ensure that each log is effectively assembled with high-quality, hand-peeled logs. Each log is unique in texture and will add more character to your home! Call us to learn more about choosing a floor plan and kit: 970-249-7130

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