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A well designed staircase can do wonders for your home, yet may be detrimental if not installed correctly. What types of things should be considered before installing or remodeling your home’s stairs?

1 – Function and Traffic Flow

How your stairs will function in regard to the rest of your home is an important consideration. Whether the most common gathering place is your kitchen, living room, or somewhere else, it’s a good idea to place your stairs nearby.

Another way traffic flow would impact your stairs is through the materials used. In log homes especially, materials such as reclaimed wood or other rustic wood choices are optimal for hiding wear and tear on stairs with a lot of activity.

2 – The Safety of Your Home’s Stairs

The safety of others on your stairs should be a huge consideration when building in your home (especially in homes with children).

There are codes to follow that make it almost impossible to build unsafe staircases. This includes specific spacing between stair railings or the spacing of each stair. Following the codes when building stairs aid in keeping people from tripping or falling.

3 – Your Home’s Structure

Your home’s floor plan should be taken into consideration when building or installing stairs. It could affect the build of the stairs including:

  • The size: Your home may not be able to house a massive staircase. On the other hand, a small set of stairs could look awkward in a larger home.
  • The shape: When trying to minimize space used, a spiral staircase could be optimal. Otherwise, a larger room could have a sweeping staircase that functions as one of the room’s central attractions.
  • The location: Would the stairs function and look best in the middle of a room? A corner? Up against a wall? It all depends on the way your home and the rooms in your home are organized.

4 – The Design

The design of your stairs could be anything from modest to elegant to modern. When designing them, consider both the material, the location, and the level of grandeur. If you’re going for a “showcase stairway,” make sure it’s not hidden away in a corner. If you’re wanting something to get you from one level to another, make its design more practical.

Whether you’re interested in small and simple or wanting to take a more dramatic approach to your home’s stairs, Frontier Log Homes can help! We offer a wide variety of materials, designs, and building options for your home and its stairs. Call us at 970.249.7130 to get started!

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