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Log homes are a great investment and a beautiful way to create a home that will be passed on to the next generations. They come in almost innumerable designs and shapes, and we are sure that you will find the log homes that inspire you here at Frontier Log Homes.

Aside from the esthetic benefit of log homes, though, living in a log home can have great health benefits as well.

We live surrounded by chemicals and processed materials. Logs, on the other hand, are a natural material and undergo minimal processing before they are used for your home construction. Timber’s natural thermal insulation properties and acoustic insulation benefits make log homes highly appealing to your health as well.

Wouldn’t you want your home to be as eco-friendly as possible? You and your family deserve to live in a home that’s wholesome, healthy, and exciting.

Non-Toxic Sealant

Your logs need a sealant to protect them from water damage and rotting, and your home from insects, mold, and the elements.

There are now non-toxic sealants available, called low-VOC (low Volatile Organic Compound). These radiate far fewer toxins, chemicals, and gases compared to older ones.

Your modern log home will have optimal insulation, sealing, and caulking—and yet be better adjusted to human health and wholesome living.

Better Air Quality

Logs are a natural material, as they are made from wood. Apart from the sealant and caulking necessary to insulate and protect the whole structure, a log home is made almost entirely of natural materials. This makes a huge difference from a conventional home, which is built with cement, iron, drywall, and other man-made construction materials.

Trees, by their nature, capture carbon. That’s why forests are necessary—to capture excess carbon in the air and release oxygen.

When timber is used in log homes, carbon is securely stored in buildings while new trees are planted to replace the ones felled to produce logs. As a result, timber is carbon negative from cradle to gate: less carbon dioxide is emitted than what has been absorbed by the timber, even including transportation and installation onsite. A cleaner environment means better health for everyone.

Additionally, because timber naturally regulates humidity and allows for better airflow, your log home is less likely to require expensive HEPA filters, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and other tools used to clean the air inside it.

Enjoy the Tranquility of Wood

Did you know that noise pollution can lead to high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, poor sleep quality, and heart problems?

Wood has amazing acoustic insulation properties. Wood dampens noises from the outside and protects your home from irritating noises reaching the inside. The deadening effect of wood makes for excellent sleep and is great for people working from home who require peace and quiet to focus on their work.

You will benefit from better quality of life and a quieter, more enjoyable way of living.

Thermal Insulation

Logs provide excellent insulation and keep the internal temperature steady. Little heat is lost, and stable living temperatures make living more comfortable and healthier.

We all enjoy living in a pleasant environment where the temperature is just right. You are not cold in winter or hot in summer and your body enjoys stable temperatures throughout the year.

Log homes can deliver thermal insulation and better quality of living thanks to their natural insulating properties.

An Overall Healthier Lifestyle

You are in a house made from wood. You can touch the logs, appreciate their organic look, and breathe in the fresh air inside your home.

The lifestyle of a log home bolsters your desire to live a healthy life. This encourages you to be out and explore, take walks, and generally be healthier.

This way, a log home helps you stay healthy in the mind and the body. It puts you in the right framework to make small changes to your lifestyle and more fully appreciate the outdoors and an active way of living.

Frontier Log Homes in Montrose, Colorado

The US is a beautiful country, dotted with spectacular scenery. Make the most out of it by building a log home according to your dreams. Instead of having a home loaded with chemicals and synthetic materials, enjoy excellent air quality and thermal and acoustic insulation for happier, healthier living.

We deliver our log homes to your location from our Montrose, Colorado assembly yard. Contact Frontier Log Homes online or call now 970-289-9765 and enjoy an eco-friendly, natural home that’s beautiful to look at and wholesome to live in.

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