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“Luxury” is a word that often scares away people who are on a budget with their home project. However, there are ways to create a sense of luxury while also keeping everything affordable! You don’t have to have a luxury home, to feel like you’re living life high on the hog. Just considering luxury features while building a home can be all that you need. Let’s start with the bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Choices

  • Say no to freestanding tubs. These tubs are incredibly nice additions to any bathroom, but they cost a fortune. Sometimes, these tubs can cost thousands of dollars to buy and install! Luckily, there are far less expensive options for baths that fit your design style and provide a lot of comfort and space.
  • Figure out the faucets. Faucets and fittings can get pricey, but by getting something with a chrome finish that still matches your design, you could save tens to hundreds of dollars. Plus, chrome is timeless and easy to clean.
  • Get a nice sink. You can get almost any type of sink for just a couple hundred dollars! Just be sure to shop around with different providers to ensure you’re getting your perfect sink for as little as possible.

Save on Features

  • Consider other options for built-in furniture. Because built-in furniture is built on-site, from scratch, and perfectly customized to your home, they can get really pricey really fast. Instead, try searching for modular furniture that fits your design style. Or, you could try finding units from a home construction retailer or home design retailer that you can attach to your walls to make the units seem built-in.
  • Think about any handcrafted logs sources. Handcrafted logs look amazing, but they can get pricey. Luckily, when you work with the right company, these logs may come at a more affordable price! Also, by choosing smaller handcrafted and natural-looking logs as accents rather than structural forms, you can save quite a bit in your budget.
  • Don’t go crazy with the fireplace. Choosing real masonry that extends to the ceiling of your beautiful, vaulted home is tempting. Yet when it comes down to cost, masonry can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars! Try using different materials like manufactured stone or veneer instead. The materials are cheaper, and so is the installation because they don’t require a stonemason.
  • Find classy, inexpensive light fixtures. Shop around for nice light fixtures that fit into your budget, even when it comes to that classic deer antler chandelier! Normally, this type of chandelier could cost thousands of dollars due to the time, effort, and craftsmanship put into its creation. Instead, go for a faux antler fixture or a cast-antler fixture! These can come in several types of metals and colors, so you can have a lot more fun with it.

Choose the right construction type

  • Log homes can get more expensive based on the architecture. High, vaulted ceilings, or exotic frames can all run up the cost of your home. Consider what exactly makes a home luxury for you, and if that doesn’t end up being a barn looking 3 story home, take a look at more contemporary designs that can save some money via practicality.
  • The construction materials can make the cost go up. We mentioned hand crafted logs, but there are other ways to go overboard with no extra benefit aside aesthetics, like timber framed homes.
  • Hybridizing the construction materials to include stone, other types of wood, and other materials can conditionally make your costs go up or down. Hybrid log homes are not always more expensive, but these are things you’ll want to ask directly about with your contractor for the project if not Frontier Log Homes.
  • You can save money by have an log cabin built with the inside unfinished. This is known as Dry-in log home construction (due to the roof, walls, and windows being in tact) that give the purchaser true freedom to decorate and bring the home to life as they see fit. For refrerence, the more ready to go and live in option is called Turn-key home construction.
Remember: It’s okay to work one or two splurges into your budget! If you really want that freestanding tub, decide on a cheaper option when choosing something else like appliances or lighting fixtures. When it comes to handcrafted logs, Frontier Log Homes has you covered! To learn about all the services we offer surrounding log home construction, see our individual services pages. This services page can lead you to all of them.


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