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Making design decisions when building your log home can be a challenge. There are so many options and ideas to choose from and think about. Here are a few log cabin kitchen ideas that to aid in your design.

1 – Try painting or distressing your cabinets.

Painting your kitchen’s cabinets can add a spark of color and diversity to your home. Dark red, white, or olive green are some popular colors and can make certain elements of your kitchen stand out!

If your cabinet doors are already painted, a distressed look on the kitchen doors and drawers can further the rustic look and feel you may be going for.

How to do it yourself:

  1. Dismantle the cabinet door.
  2. Sand the top layer of paint or varnish off.
  3. Get some antiquing glaze
  4. Lightly and sparingly apply the glaze to the door.

If you want more dimension by actually distressing the doors rather than painting them, this can be done by paying close attention to specific areas of the door with some sandpaper.

2 – Brighten up the room.

There are more ways to brighten a room than with electrical lighting. Incorporating big windows, decorative mirrors, and other factors that admit or reflect light can give your kitchen a bright, open look and feel.

Using open-concept layouts with arched entryways will cause any room (even those that are smaller) to appear bigger and brighter as well.

3 – Add some contrast.

Another log cabin kitchen idea is to add contrast to the room. Cabinetry and floors made of darker wood or other materials mixed with lighter walls and countertops (or vice versa) can enhance the design of the room.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate contrast:

  • Pair dark-colored (or even black) cabinetry with light floors and walls
  • Try glass cupboard doors with a bright, colorful interior
  • Combine dark countertops with a light island

4 – Use unique elements.

When choosing other design elements of the kitchen such as lighting, sinks, or backsplashes, why not try something unique? Consider:


For example, look for a sink material other than porcelain. Granite and stainless steel sinks are both classy and durable. When choosing lighting fixtures, find one using more unconventional materials such as tin or rope.

Brick or tile backsplashes add extra dimension to the wooden walls or even a splash of color. If the wall is flat, a textured or patterned wallpaper will add an eye-catching intricacy to the room.


Try a uniquely shaped corner sink or one with a geometric shape. Undermount sinks can create a modern twist, whereas farm sinks will incorporate the rustic feel of a log cabin.

Industrial or geometric-shaped lighting fixtures can both add to or subtract from the rustic look and feel of your kitchen depending on how you utilize them.

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