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A dry-in home package includes all the necessary components to weatherproof a home. A dry-in home leaves a building protected from the elements, such as rain and wind, thus offering the homeowner the opportunity to work on the inside safely and at their own leisure.

Dry-in home packages provide two ideal benefits. First, the home is weatherproofed and can withstand normal weather conditions. Second, the homeowner can proceed with work on the inside with different technicians and builders, at their own pace, and when the budget is available.

Here at Frontier Log Homes, we offer dry-in home packages to help you start your home. Our dry-in home packages include roof framing, exterior doors and windows, exterior chinking and staining, log door and window bucks, log stairs, and log railing.

Once we are finished, your local contractor can complete the project according to your specifications.

What’s Included in a Dry-in Home Package?

Most log home builders and log home manufacturers include in their dry-in home packages the shell of the home as well as the openings. The goal is to build the home up to the point where no rain, wind, or debris can enter it. That means the walls are raised, the roof is properly built, and doors and windows have been installed—either temporarily or permanently.

A dry-in home package includes the design of the home. As log cabin craftsmen, we can create the design that best matches your needs and your family’s requirements.

The package also includes the log shell with all the required logs measured and cut according to your design’s blueprint.

The dry-in package includes shipping to your plot as well as the roof panel system, the windows and doors systems, and the porch or deck systems, depending on the design you have chosen. We also make sure the necessary caulking is applied to prevent leaks.

The dry-in log home is assembled at your location. We make a point of assembling our kits at our assembly yard to make sure that all parts fit nicely and snuggly between them. Our goal is always superior craftsmanship.

We then disassemble the kit and re-assemble it on your plot.

Why Should I Choose a Dry-in Home Package?

Dry-in log home packages are highly versatile. Once the shell has been installed and the openings secured, you can choose at your leisure the contractors you want to finish the inside. You can hire local contractors, ask family members for help, or even do part of the internal work yourself.

You can also choose a hybrid internal decoration that incorporates log components and other construction materials for an eclectic look.

A dry-in home package gives you all the time you need to explore your options and adjust your budget. You are in no rush to finish your home. You can choose the trimmings and decorative details such as trusses, wall and ceiling finishes, and carpentry details at your own pace.

The dry-in home option is also adaptable when it comes to your budget. When you know your home will not flood on the inside, you can take a step back and replenish your budget before you begin the second phase of construction. You can then invest in the interior you truly want instead of being in a rush to finish everything in one go.

Frontier Log Homes Dry-in Log Home Packages

Here at Frontier Log Homes, we have the dry-in log home package that fits your needs and adapts to your building timetable. Join our design team to create the specifications of your dream log home and we will take care of the rest.

We deliver from our Montrose, Colorado assembly yard. Contact Frontier Log Homes online or call now 970-289-9765 and benefit from the supreme craftsmanship of Frontier Log Homes, the industry leader in award-winning log cabin kits.

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