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A fireplace is a cozy, traditional addition to any home. Depending on the type that you choose, there are certain things you should consider before adding this piece to the plan for your log home. There are several different kinds of fireplaces. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different kinds?


Wood fireplaces add a rustic look and feel to your living room. However, you may need special additions in order for it to properly heat your house.


  • Using electricity isn’t an issue. With a wood fireplace, you can cook and heat your house without a problem.
  • You choose the wood. Some give off nice aromas, where others can burn for different lengths of time.
  • There’s a general aesthetic. Using real wood gives your home an authentic atmosphere with both the smell and sound that will fill your home.


  • It is generally more to maintain. You have to constantly tend to the fire, even when the fire is out and the ashes are warm. It can also become unsafe when your fireplace is not consistently maintained and inspected.
  • You have to split the wood. Some people enjoy the rustic charm that comes with splitting their own firewood, but you will need to have a good supply of logs ready to be put on the fire. Not only will you have to split a lot of logs, but you’ll also need to have somewhere dry and safe to store them all. Plus there is the cost of the wood itself.
  • Overall efficiency. Even though a natural fireplace may decrease costs in some areas, it may also let drafts enter or escape. Overall, they are not efficient at heating as a stand alone wood or pellet burning stove.


These fireplaces are useful for busy people who still want a natural appearance with their fireplace.


  • You get instant fire! You don’t have to split wood or hassle with matches to get warm.
  • There’s not much maintenance. There is no ash cleanup; though you will need to inspect it every once in a while, inspection is not as much of a priority as it is with real wood-burning hearth.
  • They can be more energy efficient. You can cut long-term costs by turning on the fire and using special appliances to spread the heat around your home.


  • Installation can be expensive! It’s cheaper in the long run, but the initial costs are pretty pricey.
  • They aren’t quite the real thing. They do not have the same look and feel of a wood burning unit.


Electric fireplaces provide both heat and light and often use an animated fire once plugged in.


  • Your just need to plug them in. They are portable and have an easy installment.
  • They are good for small spaces. If you have a smaller home or a small room or hallway that needs heated, an electric fireplace can be a huge benefit!


  • The fire isn’t real. If you want a fireplace for the ambiance, electric hearths use animations of fires rather than real ones. Some come with sound effects, but they are still clearly fake.
  • There are limited styles. If you are wanting a fireplace with a unique look, you won’t find it with an electric option.
  • They don’t work when your electricity is out. If you need heat but the electricity is out, there won’t be much you can do.
Fireplaces are a major consideration when building a log home. Contact Frontier Log Homes by calling 970-249-7130 to see what options you have for your new home!


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