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Log cabins are cozy, energy-efficient, and fully customizable. When you choose to build with a log cabin kit, you get a log cabin that perfectly fits your lifestyle at optimal cost.

Log cabin kits come in dozens of designs whereby you can mix and match elements and sections from one design and apply them to another one. That is how you end up with your dream log cabin.

As a significant bonus, all this comes at a considerably lower cost. Our log cabin kits have been designed at our assembly yard and contain all the necessary materials for on-site assembly. This is a major cost-saving approach compared to traditional construction, and we are happy to pass the savings on to you.

Why Are Log Cabin Kits Cheaper?

Log Cabin Kits Are Easy to Design

Here at Frontier Log Homes, we have more than 30 cabin log kit designs to choose from. Depending on the size of your dream log cabin, you can find a design that perfectly matches your family’s needs and preferences.

In addition, log cabin designs are highly versatile. You can mix and match segments of designs to produce your final home. With elegant decorative touches such as wraparound porches and cathedral ceilings, you can make your home representative of your personal style and still benefit from the low costs associated with log cabin kits.

Traditional home developments are often bland and uniform. Your log home, however, will be as unique as you. Since there are so many different floor plans, looks, and designs to choose from, no two log homes are the same. Think of balconies, floors, porches, wraparound porches, and different roof styles—unique elements that add character and personality to your log home.

Our log cabin kits have been designed with architectural elegance and engineering integrity. You won’t have to hire an architect or an engineer to oversee the designs and the whole construction process, which eliminates a considerable expense from your home-building budget.

Log Cabin Kits Are Cheaper to Construct

Log cabin kits include all the necessary components to build your log home, including logs, the full roofing system, walls, log bucks to frame out the windows and doors, log stairs, and log railing.

In short, a log cabin kit contains all the construction elements you need to build your home. All you have to do is have the foundation ready, and we’ll come and assemble your log cabin kit on-site.

Log Cabin Kits Are Quicker to Build

One extra advantage log cabin kits have over traditional building is how practical and easy to assemble they are. After you pick the right floor plan for you, we will peel, cut, and handcraft the logs into your log home in our yard. After ensuring that all logs fit snugly with each other, we disassemble them and ship them to your building site where our crews reassemble them at their final location.

This process takes less time compared to conventional construction because all logs come pre-assembled in segments and are joined on-site without the need for adjustment. We don’t have to order materials, wait for delivery, and assemble each wall and floor piece by piece.

Log Cabin Kits Involve Lower Labor Costs

The philosophy behind log cabin kits is based on logs joining and connecting with each other seamlessly. This saves our crews significant amounts of time when they must reassemble the logs. Less time means lower labor costs, which is another way we keep costs low while still maintaining exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Quality Logs and Careful Preparation Save Time

Our logs are chosen from the best types of wood. They are left to dry properly to minimize shrinking and cracking after installation.

All carving is done by our expert carpenters. We have built more than 800 log homes, so we know how to shape logs exactly as we want them. Once assembled, the logs require minimum caulking and sealing to make your home fully insulated.

We are so careful during the log preparation time because we wish to ensure that our crews will spend less time at your location when they reassemble the log cabin kit. This minimizes labor costs and helps us keep log cabin kit prices as low as possible compared to traditional construction.

Frontier Log Homes for Your Dream Home

A log cabin kit can easily fit most budgets. You get more for your money from a log cabin kit, thus giving you an opportunity to splurge on other things such as special cabinetry, more luxurious bathrooms, or stunning landscaping.

Here at Frontier Log Homes in Montrose, Colorado, we have more than 40 years’ experience in log cabin kits. We have built over 800 log homes from log cabin kits. We know what our clients want and how to deliver a quality log home, with excellent craftsmanship at the best possible price. Call us at 970-249-7130 to learn more about our log cabin kit options, contact us online, or check out our Log Cabin Kit Floorplans to get building!

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