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Whether you’re wanting to live a minimalist lifestyle, want a second home deep in nature, or need sporadic hunting cabins for comfort during hunting season, building a tiny cabin is a great way to go off-grid and connect with nature.

Why should you build a small cabin?

Building a log home with a small cabin kit has several advantages.

  • There’s a lower cost. Because of the smaller size, there are fewer costs. Not only is there less cost for building materials, you won’t need to buy as much furniture or supplies to fill your new tiny home. If you want an eco-friendly home, it also lowers your energy costs!
  • They can be eco-friendly. Log buildings can be as off-grid as you desire. With a tiny l home, you can use solar or wind sources for power, have a rainwater catch and filtration system, a compost toilet, and more.
  • It helps declutter. If you struggle with having too many knick-knacks around your home, a small log home aids in decluttering and makes it easier to live minimally.
  • There’s less to clean! Less square footage means less mess and not as much to clean.
  • It’s low maintenance. There’s not as much annual cleaning or exterior areas to check up on and repair due to the lower square footage.
  • Be mobile! You won’t have to stay in the same spot. Because of the smaller size, these homes could be constructed on a trailer.

What could tiny log homes be used for?

There are a lot of possible uses for small cabins rather than just using it as a home. You could use it:

  • As an office: If you need a quiet, secluded place to work or spend some time alone, a tiny cabin is a good way to do it!
  • As a vacation home: Go off-grid and connect with nature in your own, personalized vacation home.
  • As a short or long-term rental: People love to travel, and what better place to stay than a tiny cabin?
  • As a hunting cabin (or many hunting cabins): Using a small cabin for hunting can be the perfect place to store supplies or settle down for the night while on a hunting trip. Building multiple structures across a property could be even more beneficial as you move from place to place and you could rent them out to other hunters.
  • For traveling: Because of the possible mobility, you can feel free to explore to your heart’s desire.
Using a small cabin kit gives you an easy, handcrafted, and personalized home that can have more than one purpose. Call Frontier Log Homes at 970.249.7130 to learn about building your own tiny log home!


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